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Bonus: The Stubborn Optimist's Playlist Vol. 3

Welcome to Volume 3 of The Stubborn Optimist’s Playlist!

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About this episode

Every week on the podcast we feature a musical artist who is thoughtful about the role of art and artists in the climate crisis and this week, we bring you a collection of those artists in playlist form as an extended listening experience.

Enjoy the music!

The Stubborn Optimist’s Playlist Vol. 3:


Aaron Frazer – Bad News

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify


Alfred Nomad – Speaking


Alfred Nomad – Justice

Spotify | Bandcamp | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 


Mel Chante – Air

Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website | YouTube 


Asher Monroe – Speaking


Asher Monroe – Midnight Masquerade

Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website 


Milky Chance – We Didn’t Make It To The Moon

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 


Guster – Satellite

Spotify | Apple Music | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website 


Marie Spaemann – Circles

Instagram | Facebook | Website | YouTube 


Vivii – Speaking


Vivii – One Day

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud 


Eliza Shaddad – Blossom

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube


Easy Wanderlings – Dream To Keep Us Going

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

Full Transcript

Tom: [00:00:12] Hello and welcome to Outrage and Optimism. I'm Tom Rivett-Carnac,


Christiana: [00:00:16] I'm Christiana Figueres,


Paul: [00:00:17] And I'm Paul Dickinson.


Tom: [00:00:18] So we are back. Season four. We're thrilled to be back. We've been off the air for a couple of months, but we're back with new energy, new excitement and new ideas that we can't wait to share with you. Today it is just the three of us. We don't have a guest. We are going to talk about what has happened over the course of this summer, where we are now and how the world is fundamentally changing in its response to the climate crisis and what needs to be done in the crucial few months through to COP26. Thanks for being here.


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