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About Us

We explore the stories behind the headlines on climate change, talking to the change-makers turning challenges into opportunities. We delight in progress, question greenwash and get to grips with the difficult issues.


For decades the media reportage on climate change has been anything but engaging.

Outrage + Optimism does it differently: we cover the latest news from science, business, finance politics and culture every Thursday with a can-do attitude. This podcast is for everyone looking to expand their understanding of the climate crisis and get inspired to take action.

Like you, we are outraged that it's taken so long to act on climate change at the scale necessary – despite multiple warnings from scientists, economists and many other experts.

Outrage + Optimism’s energetic hosts Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac, Paul Dickinson and their brilliant guests share expert opinions along with upbeat banter, some not-so-perfect singing, occasional surprise monkey appearances and a healthy dose of both outrage and optimism that will leave you feeling informed and energised.

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