We are excited to announce that Outrage + Optimism is now part of the TED Audio Collective. This news represents an exciting continuation of the collaboration between our organizations, which began with our strategic partnership with TED Countdown.

The TED Audio Collective is a curated collection of podcasts sharing ideas on a range of subjects, including psychology, business, and design. On TED Climate you’ll hear talks from some of the leading minds in the field on crisis solutions, challenges, and insights that give listeners the information and hope we need to keep fighting.

You can view the full list of TED Audio Collective podcasts here, and listen to them wherever you get your podcasts.
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Behind the scenes on the politics, investments and actions meeting the climate crisis head on

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Stubborn optimism is a choice. Join us in tackling the climate crisis with conviction, scale and speed


Outrage + Optimism / Special Series

Race to Zero

The stories of change-makers overcoming challenges, building new opportunities and fuelling this consequential race against time as the real economy shifts gears toward a zero emissions future.

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About this series

History will look back at the 2020s as the most decisive decade in human history. The choices we make now will determine the kind of world this generation – and all those yet to come – will inhabit. As we often discuss on this podcast, science demands that we halve global greenhouse gas emissions by the end of this decade, to eventually reach net zero by 2050. Doing so will pull us away from the cliff’s edge, into a world that is cleaner, more equal, safer, healthier and with an abundance of jobs and opportunities. This simple scientific truth means that we must shift the systems that underpin the global economy to new, low carbon ways of operating and protect nature at the same time. This is unprecedented but it is in our hands to achieve. The only question is whether we can shift fast enough to avert the worst impacts of climate change. We’re at the turning point – and everyone needs to play their part to make it happen faster. Can we count you in?

The Race to Zero is a campaign initiated by the High Level Climate Action Champions, to activate all sectors – local governments, business, finance, citizens – to embolden national governments to step up to the immense challenge and opportunities of this moment. During 2021 Outrage + Optimism is in the Race to Zero. We will explore the stories of change-makers overcoming challenges, building new opportunities and fueling this consequential race against time. We’ll expose the triumphs and the pitfalls, and most importantly, chart the pursuit of a high-stakes goal, where losing is quite simply unacceptable.