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Outrage + Optimism / Special Series

Coronavirus and Climate Change

The COVID-19 crisis exposed how poor preparation creates deep fault lines in the face of profound shocks. With the far larger climate crisis looming, Outrage + Optimism examined the spiritual, economic, social, scientific and health considerations for emerging stronger and more resilient in recovering from the pandemic.

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About this series

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on public health and has re-shaped not only our work life, but our societies, even precipitating political shifts. The impact of closing borders and re- wiring economies to accommodate the health crisis will be felt for at least the next decade, as public recovery finance floods the global economy in eye-watering figures we will not likely see again in our lifetime.

The pandemic’s effects will no doubt merit analysis for years ahead. It laid bare how deeply interconnected the human family truly is and exposed the tragedy that some groups among us are disproportionately vulnerable and suffer more than others. It is no surprise that during global lockdown, the pervasive undercurrent of inequality came to the fore, including persistent racial injustice, reflecting that the historical pains through which racial, economic, age and gender inequities came into being have yet to be healed.

In any challenge we must find the opportunities to build forward. For those of us who were spared the direct health impacts of the Coronavirus crisis, two silver linings became evident. Firstly, we were awed by the speed and solidarity with which people can change their lives in response to expert advice. This augurs well for our capacity to respond to the scientific demand that global emissions be cut in half by 2030. Secondly, we witnessed just how quickly nature is capable of regenerating when pollution is halted. Abundance, clean air and fresh water provided inspiration for considering the new economic models consistent with tackling climate change in a new light and made us feel ever more determined to transform energy, transportation, finance and more.

This mini-series on Coronavirus and Climate Change is a real time assessment of how the COVID-19 crisis unfolded. Outrage + Optimism investigated the spiritual, economic, social, scientific and health considerations of the pandemic with a view to energising our listeners to understand how to face the far larger climate crisis that looms ahead. Enjoy hearing from the people leading the charge in defining what’s changing and what we must do to emerge even stronger and more resilient.