We are excited to announce that Outrage + Optimism is now part of the TED Audio Collective. This news represents an exciting continuation of the collaboration between our organizations, which began with our strategic partnership with TED Countdown.

The TED Audio Collective is a curated collection of podcasts sharing ideas on a range of subjects, including psychology, business, and design. On TED Climate you’ll hear talks from some of the leading minds in the field on crisis solutions, challenges, and insights that give listeners the information and hope we need to keep fighting.

You can view the full list of TED Audio Collective podcasts here, and listen to them wherever you get your podcasts.
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Behind the scenes on the politics, investments and actions meeting the climate crisis head on

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Stubborn optimism is a choice. Join us in tackling the climate crisis with conviction, scale and speed


Stubborn Optimism Book Club

Among Outrage + Optimism's guests are authors whose books have dug deep into the challenges we face and the solutions we need in order to ensure all people and nature can thrive.


Facing the reality of the climate crisis can be daunting, but no one has to be alone in taking action. We are in this together, and we are all learning along the way. Global Optimism's team knows first-hand the power of books in growing communities, deepening knowledge, and strengthening determination to fulfil our vision of a regenerative world.

It goes without saying that time is of the essence. As outlined in The Future We Choose: The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis, co-written by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, we have to decide now that collectively we can and must do this. We believe practical and empowering books play a role.

So, we decided to create a Stubborn Optimism Book Club that would go hand-in-hand with our climate podcast. This Outrage + Optimism library of podcast episodes maps a reading journey to fuel the outrage and the optimism needed to co-create a cleaner, fairer, brighter world. Once you've dived in, we'd love to hear your thoughts on which books you found most meaningful – please do reach out on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. And keep an eye on our social channels for upcoming climate-bookish activities!

Season 4 Economy and Climate

120: Taking Business Net Positive with Paul Polman & Andrew Winston

14 October 2021

Can every business be Net Positive?

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Paul Polman Andrew Winston

Season 3 Science and Climate

107: Breaking Boundaries, Post Growth & The Future We Choose

24 June 2021

This week, a live recording of our event “Breaking Boundaries, Post Growth & The Future We Choose” with special guests Johan Rockström and Tim Jackson.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Johan Rockström Tim Jackson

Season 3 Science and Climate

94: The Risk of Living Under a White Sky with Elizabeth Kolbert

25 March 2021

With CO2 in the atmosphere now reaching levels 50% higher than when humanity began large-scale burning of fossil fuels during the industrial revolution, time is running out and some ecosystems are on the brink of collapse.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Elizabeth Kolbert

Season 3 Justice and Climate

90: Ferocious Love with Katharine Wilkinson

25 February 2021

With a deep freeze in Texas leaving a wake of devastation, a UN Security Council Meeting weakly addressing climate change as the planet’s “gravest threat”, and massive investment for offshore wind in Denmark to produce green ammonia, there’s no shortage of things to be outraged by or optimistic about this week!

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Katharine Wilkinson

Season 3

89: The Ministry for the Future with Kim Stanley Robinson

18 February 2021

On Friday, The United States will officially be back in the Paris Climate Agreement!

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Kim Stanley Robinson

Season 3

88: Living on Planet Earth with Oliver Jeffers

11 February 2021

According to new research, fossil fuels alone are responsible for more than 8 million premature deaths annually. That’s 1 out of 5 deaths.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Oliver Jeffers

Season 2 Justice and Climate

66: Embracing Radical Uncertainty with Rebecca Solnit

21 August 2020

With the US election less than 75 days away, the entire world is watching because the future of the planet is on the ballot.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Rebecca Solnit

Season 2 Economy and Climate

65: Hope, Rage and What We’re Going to Do About It with Jonathon Porritt and Lily Cole

14 August 2020

This week! 2 Authors, 1 Crisis. Do we have a “Hope In Hell” to survive the climate crisis, or do we have “Reasons To Be Optimistic” in the face of it?

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Jonathon Porritt Lily Cole

Season 2 Culture and Climate

63: Facing an Uninhabitable Earth with David Wallace-Wells

31 July 2020

What role does fear play in awakening humanity to avoiding it’s own demise?

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson David Wallace-Wells

Season 2 Culture and Climate

50: Yuval Noah Harari on the History of Our Future

01 May 2020

To mark the 1 year anniversary of Outrage + Optimism being a podcast, we have on historian, futurist, philosopher, and best-selling author, Yuval Noah Harari! He is best known for his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. A phenomenal read.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Yuval Noah Harari

Season 2 Policy and Climate

43: Coronavirus and The Climate Crisis + Live #TheFutureWeChoose Q+A!

13 March 2020

With everyone grounded because of COVID-19, Tom and Paul dial each other from their homes in the UK to discuss just what Coronavirus is bringing to light about how we respond to a crisis.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson

Season 2 Culture and Climate

41: A Live Conversation about "The Future We Choose" with Tom Friedman

28 February 2020

This week we’re LIVE for a #TheFutureWeChoose conversation with NYT columnist and 3 time Pulitzer Prize winner, Tom Friedman. The book is out!

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Tom Friedman

Season 1

26: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast with Jonathan Safran Foer

18 October 2019

With a little too much going on in the world of climate change, we try something new this week with Christiana, Paul, and Tom each bringing something they are outraged by or optimistic for. Later, we hear from American novelist, Jonathan Safran Foer.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Jonathan Safran Foer

Season 1 Policy and Climate

16: "Thank You for Being Late" with Tom Friedman

09 August 2019

While we’re still all on holiday or out to lunch, the climate is still changing.

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivett-Carnac Paul Dickinson Tom Friedman

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