We are excited to announce that Outrage + Optimism is now part of the TED Audio Collective. This news represents an exciting continuation of the collaboration between our organizations, which began with our strategic partnership with TED Countdown.

The TED Audio Collective is a curated collection of podcasts sharing ideas on a range of subjects, including psychology, business, and design. On TED Climate you’ll hear talks from some of the leading minds in the field on crisis solutions, challenges, and insights that give listeners the information and hope we need to keep fighting.

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Lifelines vs Deadlines live recording with Q&A

Following on from the overwhelming success of our recent Momentum vs Perfection Live Q&A event, we would love to invite our audiences to join us once more to discuss with the hosts any issues/questions that Paul’s  mini-series brought up for you!

Join Paul Dickinson, Fiona Macklin, Dylan Tanner, Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac for a special online live podcast recording where you can put your questions directly to them. 

When it comes to climate, science has made clear the hard limits we are up against - the deadlines that must be met in order to safeguard against disaster. We know we must reduce emissions 7% each year. We know that it will be impossible to do that with voluntary efforts alone. 

The mini-series explores the pressing need for governments to implement science-based policy to provide the lifelines so desperately needed by businesses to meet their deadlines.

You will have heard over the course of the mini-series the reasons behind the lack of progress, the intentional delays and anti-ESG agendas at play, as well as heroic efforts of those in the community working hard to pull the levers of change needed to accelerate action and call in, rather than call out, businesses and leaders committed to reaching their net-zero deadlines. But where does that leave us? Outraged or optimistic? 

You’ve heard what our hosts Paul Dickinson, Dylan Tanner, Fiona Macklin and our brilliant guests had to say, now it’s your turn. 

Date: Monday 12 June 2023

Time: 11:30 EST / 16:30 BST / 17:30 CET

Complete the form below to reserve your free space:

You’ll be invited to submit your question before the session. We’ll do our best to include as many questions as possible but can’t guarantee that all questions will be included.

Here's what our listeners thought about the mini-series...

“Your best episode yet, and you've had many great ones! Oreskes & Whitehouse are two of the world's most informed and best communicators about what got us here and how to get out of the trap.”

“Hugely powerful episode, conveys the nightmarish corruption of the oil industry blocking necessary legislation for protection- and explores the powers of civil society to push for progressive policies to decarbonise”

“Real food for thought here, so thank you, can't wait for the subsequent episodes!”


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