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Bonus: IPCC Report: The Tipping Point for Action with Michael Mann

We’re back in your ears for a quick bonus episode on the latest IPCC Report.

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About this episode

The heavily anticipated and undeniably influential release of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report’s Working Group 1 findings came out on Monday. In it, they provide an extraordinarily thorough examination into and warning of the physical science basis of climate change.

Christiana and the guys give their gut reactions to the report, and discuss how its findings are the turning point for necessary climate action at COP26. And joining us for this bonus episode to walk us through the release of this report is Distinguished Professor and Director of the Earth System Science Centre at Penn State University, Michael E Mann, who has previously contributed as a lead author of the IPCC third cycle assessments.

This is the moment, there’s no going back. Thanks for listening.


Mentioned links from the episode:

Read: The Full WG1 AR6 IPCC Report (Caution: It’s like 1000+ pages)

Much Easier Read: The Headlines from The WG1 AR6 IPCC Report (2 pages)

Watch: Check out the IPCC’s YouTube Channel

Play: The IPCC Interactive Atlas




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