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158: The Journey Matters: Ending Fossil Fuel Supply with Tzeporah Berman

The journey to a fossil fuel free world is possible, and the journey there matters.

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Scientists are reporting that there is now more carbon dioxide in the air than ever before, and with OPEC recently agreeing to accelerate oil production following pressure from the Biden administration to stabilize global markets, what gives? And with cracks showing in the EU as energy prices start to bite, is there a way through this crisis that keeps us on track with the goals of the Paris Agreement? 

Our guest this week has her own solution. We speak to Tzeporah Berman about her journey to form the big and bold Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, and what the impact is of the Stockholm 50+ President’s communique calling for a phase out of coal, oil and gas.

And stick around ‘til the end for some amazing feel good music this week - ‘No Te Rindas’ by Charmant Mushaga!


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Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty 

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Thank you to our musical guest this week, Charmant Mushaga!

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