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Our Story of Nature: From Rupture to Reconnection

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About this Series

In this three-part podcast series, Christiana Figueres  and co-host Isabel Cavelier Adarve, former negotiator for Colombia and co-founder of Mundo Comun, ask listeners to redefine our own human identity (as being an integral part of nature herself) in order to renew our understanding of our relationship with the rest of nature, and turn the current extractive culture into one based on the awareness of our radical interdependence. 

As a huge thanks for the loyalty and generous feedback from our listeners and subscribers, we are pleased to release the unedited versions of the incredible interviews which can be accessed via Our Story of Nature Playlist on this page. We hope you enjoy these beautiful, thoughtful conversations as much as we did.

Guests include trans-public include trans-public intellectual Bayo Akomolafe, co-founder of Biomimicry institute Janine Benyus, anthropologist Arturo Escobar, academic and author Peter Frankopan and indigenous musician and scholar Lyla June Johnston.